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You Need A Lawyer Who Cares As Much As You Do

Being charged with a crime doesn't just mean the threat of fines and jail time. In today's world, having a criminal record can make it much harder to find a job or a good place to live. Moreover, even being arrested can cause people to assume the worst about you, regardless of your actual guilt or innocence.

Some criminal defense attorneys will try to resolve your charges using the path of least resistance because it is convenient for them. You might be asked to take a plea deal, even if it's unfair.

If you value your freedom and your integrity, you need an attorney who cares about your case as much as you do. At The Law Office of Matthew S. Kolodziejski, PLLC, that's exactly what you'll get.

Based in Troy and serving clients throughout Oakland County, our law firm is prepared to fight for your best interests at all times, both in and out of the courtroom. We represent clients facing a wide variety of charges, including drug offenses, violent crimes and weapons offenses. If you have been charged with a federal crime or need to appeal a conviction, our attorney also has the skills and experience necessary to represent you at these levels.

Fighting Back Against Police Misconduct

Most police officers are good and honest people who truly want to protect and serve. But as countless news reports have shown, there are also plenty of officers who abuse the power they are given. They initiate stops and make arrests without probable cause. They assault suspects who are already in handcuffs. They shoot first and ask questions later.

Cases of police misconduct are even more numerous than the public has come to realize. At the Law Office of Matthew S. Kolodziejski, PLLC, we help clients fight back against these injustices. Holding officers responsible for violating the rights of average citizens not only helps us defend our clients; it also ensures that Michigan's criminal justice system remains publicly accountable.

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